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Light Control & Privacy

Day and Night – Colby solution

Marvel Day & Night Colby Blinds are the unique combination of two types of fabrics that facilitates different light control modes. One can bring the top to bottom or bottom to top and also stop the two combinations in any position to get the desired Light into the room.

Top down bottom up – operation to control privacy and enjoy the environment

Marvel TDBU Colby Blinds are the most innovative blinds in which not only it can be moved from bottom to top but also from top to bottom or stop in between to get the convenient mode of light and privacy.

Venetian type light diffusing feature - Grayson Blinds

Marvel Grayson blinds have the light diffusing characteristics which creates beautiful gradation of soft romantic light into the room. It has special combination of two sheer fabrics with tilting vanes in between to adjust light in the entire area of the blinds.

Same Fabric Conversion option for Roman Blinds

For the first time Marvel Roman Blinds offers unique fabric conversion option. One can convert visible fabric to Translucent or Blackout, and Translucent fabric to Blackout by using lining fabric. So now, one has an option to utilize the same fabric in multiple ways at various locations to control Light, Privacy and Heat as per the mood and need.

Sunscreen /Translucent / Blackout shades

Marvel Blinds have option of three types of Fabric as per the desired privacy, need and mood – Sunscreen, Translucent or Blackout.

Opacity – Openness in Fabrics

Marvel window Fashion produces fabric with various levels of Openness factor.  Our Openness factor has options from 1 to 15% and a customer can opt the type of fabric based on the need

Luzon Blinds

Marvel Luzon blinds provides the luxury to control and adjust light in the entire area of the blinds with a swift single touch in various percentages creating beautiful 3D effect. By sliding two fabrics which are the combination of Sheer and Dim-out one can enjoy the view outside by enjoying privacy.

Meliso Blinds

Marvel Meliso Blinds creates beautiful folds and light diffusion in entire area of the blinds. This type of Blinds forms aesthetic pleats when closing and helps to contemplate a softened outside view through the sheer backing. With a gentle pull of operating cord the light can be adjusted or also can be motorized for easier operation.

Sierra Blinds

Marvel Sierra blinds gives the feeling of curtain with the benefit of blinds, having beautiful light control facility in it. By tilting the vertical vanes light can be adjusted 180 degrees and the whole blinds can be customized to left or right stacking or centre split to follow desired sunlight